Almost all of us have faced a financial difficulty whether unexpected vet bills, car repairs, school trips -- life is unpredictable. We can provide instant cash whether it be $10.00 or $1,000.00 or more in just minutes.
We accept Gold and Silver jewellery, gold and silver coins, flat screen TV's, Laptop and Desktop computers, Musical instruments, IPods, IPads, tablets, E-Readers, IPhones, power tools, video games and video gaming systems, DVD & Blu Ray players, digital cameras, navigation systems, CD's Blu Rays, Bicycles, garden equipment golf clubs, wheels and tires,
Golden Pawn will either lend you the money or buy your items for cash on the spot. We use Google and other search engines to help determine the best possible offer. As soon as you decide, the cash will be in your hands within minutes.
Pawns are for a 30 days at a time. At that time you bring in the agreed amount plus a small finance charge and take you item home. If you don't have the agreed amount you can pay the finance charge and extend the loan for an additional 30 day period. For larger loans you can pay the finance charge and then any extra money can be applied towards the agreed upon amount reducing your next payment and making it easier to get your item back.
At Golden Pawn you need to be 18 years of age or older and have one of the following pieces of ID. A Driver's license or a Health Card with picture, Ontario Photo Card or Passport.
At the end of 30 days you can pay the original amount we gave you plus a small fee and you can take your item home. If you want to renew for another 30 days you simply pay the small fee and renewals can go on as long as needed. You can always make an extra payment or pay it off in full anytime you want or you can simply forfeit the item. This does not affect your credit rating and you are always welcome to come back with other items at anytime.
Golden Pawn offers a broad selection of quality used items often at half the retail price or less. If you're looking for jewellery Golden Pawn sells appraised jewellery at 65-75% off the appraised value. All jewellery is professionally polished and restored to look like new and we also offer re-sizing within a few days.